"God, teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course. Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—my whole life one long, obedient response."
Psalm 119:33-34 (Message)

Friday, February 15, 2008

This past week...

Today and this week have been a lot of last... for us and goodbyes. It has been bittersweet. Some things are easy to say bye to while others are hard.

Like today was a hard one, this was my last time with my Friday Morning Bible study. They are a group of friends that have been an amazing support for me. Women who have shown me what a true friend is all about. Friends who not only say they are going to pray for me but do it right there. Also friends who have loved on me and my family. I am going to miss each of them but I know that this is not a complete goodbye, rather more of a see you later...

**Thanks Liz for the picture

Also for the boys this was the last day at their preschool. I am so thankful for the school they have been able to attend and especailly for their teachers (Miss Rachel and Miss Leann- Cole's teachers; and Miss Rita and Miss Rhonda- Cody's teachers). This has been the best school year for both of the boys. They love to go to school and they have a wonderful time. What a blessing for me that school has started off for them on a positive note. (I also have to give credit to Nicole Tickle and Miss Tammy for also making school a wonderful experience for Cody as well, especially last year)

We also had our last church service here this past week. It was a time of saying goodbye but Danny and I are ready to move on. We will miss the friends that we have made here but know that there are those who will stay in touch and it is again more of a see you later than goodbye. We went out to lunch with some students, the boys finally showed up but we were all done. :)

Since I am going back this past week, we had a wonderful farwell suprise party by the coaches and their wives. It meant so much to us that they would do that for us. Danny really enjoyed his time coaching at BCHS and we are thankful for the memories that we will cherrish and the friends that we have because of it. Thank you Coach Barnett and Diane and Ken and Lyn!!

Tuesday we had a suprise visit from students who came over and helped us pack up. They were a huge help to us - Thank you all who came over to help.

Danny left on Wednesday to get his office set up and have some time down at the church. He has had a wonderful time there. It has been awhile since I have heard Danny that happy and comfortable in a place. He left last night on a charter bus to go skiing in Utah with the high school students. He will be back on Monday and we will then move in with my parents.

So that is my week in a nutshell, along with packing and getting the house on the market.
Here are some Pics of the boys today climbing the tree at school:

*these pictures were taken with my phone - not bad for a phone camera


Jess said...

Kim...how exciting!

I am really looking forward to seeing what God is going to do in the coming months... :)

Sarah said...

So excited that you will be closer!! When you get settled, call me--we'll go shopping and I can catch you up on SO much stuff... :)

melmac said...

I love it when change just feels right because you know God is in it. I'm praying for you as you adjust!