"God, teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course. Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—my whole life one long, obedient response."
Psalm 119:33-34 (Message)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Have Moved!!!

We have finally made it down to my parents and had a wonderful weekend at our new church. We moved on Thursday with Danny making 2 trips but are starting to get settled in here. Friday my parents watched the boys so Danny and I could go out on a much needed date. We enjoyed a nice night out, dinner at Wahoo's (so yummy), checked into our hotel and then went to the church for a night of entertainment by a comedian magician. We had a fun time. On Saturday we slept in and then drove around and looked at some houses enjoyed a late lunch at Claim Jumper then came home to my parents.

Sunday was a long good day. Danny left really early to get to church to help set up. The boys and I were late it took me 1.5 hours to get there due to a detour on the 91 and the rain, but we made it just fine. For the second service I was with Danny in the Underground (where the students meet) and I think he did a great job. There were lots of students, boy am I going to have a hard time remembering names.... not to mention all the adults that we met too.

We went out to a nice lunch at Chipotle with some new friends, Doug and Rose and their girls, Amber and Tim, Joel and Collene and there son, and Joel's parents Carol and (see I already forgot a name - sorry) Joel's Dad and younger brother.

We got Danny's office together just in time for Danny to go to a meeting and the boys and I to start home.

I got Cody registered for school (speech) and of course it is right in the middle of kindergarten registration for next school year so they were busy. :)

We are doing good, everyone is feeling much better from the flu the past couple of weeks. The boys enjoy seeing Nana and Papa every day. We are really excited for what is to come and thank God for this amazing opportunity to be apart of this new church.

Tonight is our first High School night, I am really excited to go and start meeting some more girls.


Jess said...


So glad to hear everything is going so well!

mary said...

It sounds like you are all settling in nicely! Just took a peek at your blog to see if you have updated it. I will check in frequently for updates. Take care!

Kristina said...

I miss you Kim. I have been thinking about you guys everyday... I want to call and chat but I am trying to give you guys some time to settle... and I think you have had enough... so... yeah. Be prepared. Haha. I love you!

melmac said...

Okay so I know your busy and all but I am in need of an update.... :)