"God, teach me lessons for living so I can stay the course. Give me insight so I can do what you tell me—my whole life one long, obedient response."
Psalm 119:33-34 (Message)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Family Beach Weekend!!! with a little football too...

This weekend my 3 boys (Danny, Cody and Cole) and I are going to spend it at the beach in Newport! Danny is coaching football at BCHS and they have a game down there. So we decided to take the boys along... they love to watch the games. We are going to stay one night and then spend Saturday at the beach. I found a new spot in Crystal Cove park area that is so cool and there are some fun places to take pictures too. It will be a nice little get away for us.

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Jess said...

I hope you have TONS of fun!